Attendance Management System

Our robust cloud based attendance management system empowers your team to manage employee’s attendance and leave applications online efficiently. Improve your workforce management with Workstem right away!

Pain Points You May Encounter

Employees not clocking in or out

Time wasted on manual data exporting

Excel is not your answer to overtime tracking

A powerful workforce management system for the digital era

Workstem is a user-friendly employee attendance management system. It guarantees a high speed and precise way of tracking employee time and attendance.

Multiple Methods In Taking Attendance

Workstem has a web portal for HR & management which can be accessed within a browser and a mobile app (iOS, Android) for staff self-service for day to day operation .
we offer different clock in & out methods such as GPS, dynamic QR code, bluetooth and facial recognition.

Track Attendance in Real Time

Thanks to our real time tracking functions and attendance dashboard overview, you can track all attendance statuses in real-time, including overtime, leaves and late reporting.

Customise Leave Types

Customise your leave settings according to your company’s leave policy. Consolidate all your different leaves into one report, and get a bird’s-eye view on your employee’s leave statuses for your month end pay run.

Complete Your Attendance Management In 5 Simple Steps

Bulk Scheduling

Our shift templates allow you to arrange schedules for multiple employees in one go.



Clock In

Our GPS precisely locates your employees, and allows them to clock in when they arrive at the location with their Workstem One App on.


Clock out

With our GPS function, your employees are clocked out automatically after they leave the office.



Check Attendance

Get a bird’s-eye view on your employee’s attendance everyday


Overtime application

Your employees can submit a timesheet to apply for overtime.


Other Attendance Methods For Your Employees


QR Code


Facial Recognition

All Functional Modules Fully Integrated

Workstem automatically includes all attendance and leave calculations into your Payroll reports, making your payroll webbing seamless and effortless.
Want to centralize attendance, leave, payroll, benefits, and tax management in one go? Workstem got you covered!