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Workstem's AI engine is a powerful tool that can help businesses perform automated payroll calculations and manage their payroll with ease.

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Automated, Compliant, Efficiency

We provide real-time attendance tracking, customised pay items and automated AI engine. The 3 in 1 solution simplifies your payroll in the best payroll software.

Omission on overtime pay and complicated allowances?

Automated tracking ensures efficient payroll

Our automated tracking feature allows easy and efficient tracking of attendance data and automated allowance calculation in compliance with Fair Work and EBA. It differentiates between working days, rest days and public holidays, efficiently calculating pay and allowances for employees.

Miscalculation due to different awards’ minimum wages?

Calculate in compliance with Fair Work & EBA

Auto calculation of hourly rate assists the compliance with Fair Work minimum wage and EBA. Pay your people correctly via Workstem.

Still handle time & attendance and payroll in different systems?

Integrate HR and payroll on an all-in-one platform

Our comprehensive HR management system seamlessly integrates all HR tasks, including onboarding, rostering, attendance, leave, payroll, STP, tax, superannuation and more. By providing a single platform for all HR tasks, businesses can reduce duplication, streamline operations, and improve efficiency.

Simplify your payroll process under one platform

We offer you the most powerful and simplified payroll software.

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One master file handles easy payroll

Handle employment information, attendance, leave, payroll, tax, superannuation and more in one master file. We make payroll an easy process on one platform with all data encrypted.

Payroll automation saves your time

Automate attendance data capture and calculate payroll based on Fair Work and EBA, including overtime pay, allowances, loadings, leave cashing out, etc. The system's advanced AI engine integrates all payroll data, keeps track of compliant payroll processing, improving efficiency, and eliminating the need for manual handling.

Tax and Super calculation keeps compliance

Our payroll management system is a robust, integrated, and properly maintained solution staying compliant payroll processing, including pay rates, tax, superannuation and more.

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Simplify ETP in one go

The HR management system provides a streamlined solution for handling termination or redundancy, including the processing of Employment Termination Payments (ETP). The ETP feature enables businesses to process leave cashing out, payments in lieu of notice, genuine redundancy pay and more, all in compliance with ATO regulations.

Generate payslips and reports in one click

The automated payroll processing helps businesses generate payslips and reports without the need for complex Excel spreadsheets, and reduces the unnecessary administrative burdens. Our STP reporting feature also enables businesses to comply with ATO requirements, while the auto-generation of ABA files allows employees to self check and download payslips on App anytime, anywhere.

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All modules
are integrated on one platform

Workstem's one-stop payroll system offers a comprehensive range of HR solutions, including rostering, attendance management, leave tracking, expense claims, payroll processing, tax compliance, superannuation, and Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting. By consolidating these functions into a single platform, we streamline HR processing and reduce errors, delays, and duplication of effort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customise pay items? Is there a quantity limit?

Yes, customised pay items can be increased up to 100.

Can Workstem’s payroll function handle hourly, daily, and monthly wage calculations in Australia?

Yes, Workstem can handle hourly, daily, and monthly wage calculations for different job types in Australia. Users can also set up overtime rates, allowances, and other pay items.

Can Workstem’s payroll function handle base pay, overtime pay, allowances, and bonuses in Australia?

Yes, Workstem can handle and customise various pay items in Australia, such as base pay, overtime pay, allowances, and bonuses, to ensure compliant payroll.

What kind of pay types and periods are supported?

Workstem supports pay types such as hourly rate, daily rate, weekly rate, monthly rate and annual rate, and pay periods such as weekly paid, bi-weekly paid, pay once a month and pay multiple times in a month.

Can Workstem’s payroll function fulfil Australian tax and reporting requirements on payslips?

Yes, Workstem can generate compliant payslips that meet Australian tax and employment requirements, enabling employers to fulfil their obligations and provide employees with precise wage statements.

Can I import/export payroll data?

Yes, Workstem supports importing historical payroll data and exporting at any time.