Make your scheduling painless

Simply apply shift templates and flexibly manage your roster.

Schedule Module

Bulk Create

According to your needs, add shifts individually or in bulk.

Shift Template

Build shift templates to apply to each available employee; the mobile app supports viewing their schedules online.

Scheduling With Ease

Improve management effectiveness and make the scheduling process simple, clear, and rational.

Main Benefits

Customize your shifts with flexibility

Flexibly set the working hours and break times. The transparency will cut down on miscommunication and no-shows and improve your attendance rate.

Work seamlessly on app and web

“I have to create shifts now but I don’t have access to a computer here!” Use your app and work as usual! Meet different scheduling needs and effectively avoid repeat scheduling. Your staff will always be updated with all the latest information.

Save Time, Do More.

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Save Time,
Do More

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