5 Benefits of Having a Tech Partner in HR

5 Benefits of Having a Tech Partner in HR

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  1. Comply with laws and policies
  2. Streamline and speed up processes
  3. Promote safe documentation
  4. Gain additional revenue
  5. Save costs

Tackling numerous human resources functions is not an easy feat. Without a proper system―whether that refers to technology or procedures at work―even HR service providers such as HR vendors, accounting firms, and management consulting businesses that still follow traditional processes will continue to struggle with their pile of tasks and even slow down work for both their clients and their employees.

And in today’s economic setting, it’s important that HR operations run smoothly so that nobody gets left behind in every organization.

One of the most evident solutions to this problem is technology―or better yet, a tech partner in cases where companies have little to no knowledge of operating programs and systems. Having a tech partner in HR can help even the most old-fashioned HR service providers in many ways, such as the ones that will be tackled in this blog.

Comply with laws and policies

With both technology and a tech partner, HR service providers can be assured that they’re updated with the latest labor laws and policies, therefore enabling them to better manage their clients and their employees. Evidently, as labor laws change over time, so do HR processes. Having a tech partner can help HR vendors, accounting firms, and management consulting firms keep up with these changes without them spending too much time doing their own research and implementing practices without any concrete support.

Streamline and speed up processes

It’s a well-known fact that having a partner―one that knows how you work and is completely aware of the objectives of the business―can help simplify operations in an organization. When it comes to HR, having a tech partner can seamlessly help HR service providers get through their tasks with digital systems with little to no errors.

For example, an accounting firm offering payroll processing services can team up with an HR tech provider to improve their data management system and payroll distribution methods. In this way, they can pay their clients’ employees on time and eliminate any possible labor issues that may arise when there’s a delay in payment.

Promote safe documentation

If there’s one thing that both HR professionals and HR service providers need to do, it’s safely keeping records. In traditional companies, this could mean storing piles of documents in filing cabinets or keeping digital files in a single server. Both methods are deemed inefficient today as physical documents are hard to keep and keep track of while digital files stored in offline storages such as USBs and external hard drives are prone to getting destroyed. Losing employee documents could lead to labor issues between an HR service provider and their clients and even an employer and their employees.

In order for HR service providers to offer outstanding services as they promised their clients, they can tap a tech company that offers secure cloud-based solutions. By saving documents in the cloud, both service providers and HR leaders can access them anywhere at any time and ultimately address and resolve employee concerns.

Gain additional revenue

Most companies prefer to outsource HR service providers with a proven track record. Of course, these service providers wouldn’t be able to achieve success if they didn’t have the proper tools and systems in the first place. This highlights the need for HR service providers to continue employing the right solutions to better serve their clients―and they can definitely do so with the right partner as well.

By teaming up with a tech company that can help digitize their processes and improve their services, HR service providers are sure to receive more clients and see additional revenue flow into their operations. A management consulting business without any knowledge in technology, for instance, can simply source a tech partner to determine what solutions they can provide to their clients looking to digitize their systems as well. In this case, all involved parties can win: HR service providers are able to gain new clients and satisfy their existing ones, while their clients can enjoy improved operations.

Save costs

HR service providers no longer need to shell out money to train their employees for modern solutions and practices as they can simply use the money to tap a tech partner―sometimes even at a fraction of the cost. Not only can working with an HR tech company help HR service providers reduce their expenses in some way, but it would also help them allot more budget for other pressing matters within their own organization.

Additionally, HR service providers can save on more expenses brought on by errors that could’ve been easily resolved with the right technology and partner.

Working with a tech company that offers modern HR solutions can definitely aid HR service providers in their pursuit to fulfill their clients’ needs. They have the objective―now they just need to find the right partner.

Fortunately, HR tech provider Workstem continuously expands its pool of partners through its inclusive Partnership Program. Workstem provides the technologies and services that HR vendors, accounting firms, management consulting businesses, and other HR service providers could ever need to improve their own operations. With a reliable tech partner, HR service providers can better serve their clients, while their clients can ultimately keep their operations intact and better satisfy their employees.

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