E-Leave Management System

Compliance with Hong Kong SAR laws, Workstem’s online e-leave system supports automated leave balance, quick application/approval, and encrypted data to help you achieve digital transformation.

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A competitive and user-friendly e-leave system

Our understanding of your company culture makes leave management easier and more efficient.

Too many accumulated leave applications for supervisor/HR to attend?

Apply and approve leaves with ease in our App

Supervisors will be notified immediately after employees applied for leaves through the App.

Not enough management layers for the approval process?

Self editing approval process

Powerful approval processes with multi-layer management, and ad-hoc optional scenarios for employees to choose.

Difficult to manage complicated leave policies?

Self Editing Leave Policies

Leave policies customisation allows you to have the flexibility to release annual leaves by monthly or by yearly, even on their seniority entitlements.

Mobile approval is just one of the many functions of our automatic leave management system

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Customised leave types

We have default leave types such as sick leave, annual leave, unpaid leave, or you can create more, such as compensation leave according to the employee's extended working hours.

Self Editing Leave Policies

Create different leave types, leave policy and payroll policy to meet different employment types, positions and departments.

Easy leave approval and tracking

Employees apply for leave with our App based on their leave balance. Supervisors approve or reject in real time and make reviews according to the presetted approval process with clear log.

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Automatic leave balance calculation

In compliance with the Hong Kong SAR Employment Ordinance, the system has auto update function for each year’s statutory and public holidays, and automatically calculate the leave balance for you.

Automatic calculations ensure your holiday pay complies with 713

All leave records are integrated with the payroll module for auto-generating sickness allowance, no paid leave, holiday pay, etc. We ensure your employees' entitlements are in compliance with the Ordinance 713.

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All modules
are integrated on one platform.

Workstem is your one-stop payroll system, with functions such as scheduling, attendance, leave, reimbursement, payroll, MPF, and tax filing, Workstem seamlessly handles your HR processing task faster and more conveniently under one platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the annual leave settings flexible? How is it calculated?

Annual leave can be calculated and carried forward on a pro rata basis, and the calculation is in line with the Employment Ordinance.

Can employees see their leave balances?

Yes, employees can view their leave balances and apply for leave in the Workstem One App at any time.

How to apply for leave?

After setting the relevant leave types and rules on the web, employees can apply for leave at any time via the app, and employers/HRs can also apply on the web.

Can I upload supporting documents such as a medical certificate?

Yes, you can upload attachments when you apply.

Can I export the leave balance?

Workstem supports exporting leave balance at any time, and downloading employee leave detailed reports.

How to set up the approval process? Can I set up multiple approval processes?

The web can flexibly set the approval process, and supports the setting of multiple approval processes, multi-level approval processes, and multiple approvers at one level.

Can I view it in real-time during approval?

Yes, the approval process is updated in real-time.