Managing Leaves?
Easy as Pie!

HRs using the PC & App, employees using the mobile app. That’s the most natural way to work.

App + Web = Perfection

A PC web version, a staff app version, and a supervisor app version – all three work perfectly to provide the best-in-class HR workflow experience for you and your team.

Supervisor App
Check and Approve – All in One Place!

Approve your employee’s leave applications in bulk and check attendance on the go. There’s nothing you can’t do with the supervisor app.

Other Features

Check Daily Attendance

Employee Rostering

Staff App
Apply for Leaves With Just 1 Snap from Your Phone!

Employees can check all of their leave balances right inside the app and quickly apply for leaves within a few quick taps.

Other Features

Clock In/Out

Check Working Schedule

Feature Highlights

Do It Yourself. Easily.

Clean interface, easy application flow. Your employees can apply for leaves in a few simple taps – no more telephone calls, no more emails. Applied more than the balance? System will automatically remind you and let you know!

Quickly Take Action

Click “Approve”, choose the employee, tap “Agree” – 3 easy steps to let your employees go on their well-deserved breaks!