The Right Policy For The Right Employees

Unlimited leave types, unlimited leave policies. You’ll surely be able to set one up for even the most complicated of scenarios.

Leave Policy

Sophisticated Calculations

Set your own leave year based on yearly/monthly distribution, decimal point rounding rules, and other calculation settings.

Flexible Setup

Different employees deserve different kinds of leave setup. Configure the fairest setup for your company and apply them to your dearest employees.

Complete Control

Employees can only apply for leaves 90 days after joining the company? The shortest leave application is half-day or 4 hrs? All these can be set up by you!

Accurate calculations come from
a flexible setup.

Don’t compromise your staff’s wellbeing for a simple setup. With Workstem leave system, you can create powerful and customised leave settings for every employee in the company.

Pro-rata leave distribution or one-off leave distribution?
Leave balance should display up to how many decimal places?
How many days after joining can the employee start applying for leaves?
Blacklist special dates not allowing for leave application?
Let employees carry forward leave balances to the next year?

Feature Highlights

Different policies for different people.

Why subject everyone to the same leave policy when people working different jobs have different needs? Now you can create as many policies as you need. Need to create a custom policy for just 1 employee? No problem too!

Regulatory change is the only constant.

Regulations constantly change, and when they do, our system changes with them! This ensures strict compliance providing you with a peace of mind like never before!