Get Creative with Leave Types

It’s not how many, it’s how suitable. Get creative with leave types that fit your company culture and policy. Combined with leave policies, you have an unlimited combination of possibilities.

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What is Leave Type?!

Leave Type means different leave type that your company provides, for example annual leave, pay sick leave, maternity leave, etc…

Aside from government-set public holidays, you can also set leave types for non-paid holidays, company-specific holiday leaves, etc. We make sure that you can set up leaves that fit your company’s specific cases!​

Complicated Leave Types?
Don't Worry! We helped you do the hard part.

We include a few of the following standard leave types that every company will have to provide to their employees.

Continuous Sick Leave

Employees under a continuous contract who are absent from work due to illness for not less than 4 consecutive days can apply for continuous sick leave as mandated by the government.

One-Time Leave

You can set up a one-time leave event for those company anniversary celebrations or other important days for your company.

Auto Adjusting Leave Based on Seniority

You can set up an automatically incrementing leave type that adds leave days to employees every year based on their work anniversaries.


Unlimited Leave

You can set up a non-paid leave type with unlimited balances.

Fixed Leave (Per Year)

You can have a leave type that gives employees a fixed number of leave days per year.

Set the Leave Type, then Leave Policy!

After setting up the different type of leaves, it’s time to place them all in a leave policy to be applied to certain employees. The same leave type might have different leave days under different policies. These differing policies might be due to the nature of the employees’ work, seniority, department, etc.

After setting up, choose the appropriate leave policy on each employee file. Then, employees can use all the leave functions on their employee app.

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