Supervisor App -Anytime, Anywhere

Intelligent management in a digital platform

Supervisor App

Clear Attendance Overview

HR can choose different locations to check each employee's attendance; they can also select a specific employee to check their historic daily attendance on the "Working Calendar".

Quickly Switch Out Shifts

HR can switch out shifts on-the-go for sudden employee absences or emergencies.

Different Types of Clock in/out Modes

Staff can scan HR's dynamic QR code or use Bluetooth devices to clock in/out, ensuring complete accuracy of timekeeping.

Main Benefits

Manage your team easily

The Supervisor App helps HR handle shifts, attendance, timesheets flexibly at all times, and all information can be accessed immediately whether in the office or on the go.

Reduce unnecessary labor costs

After publishing the shifts, staff will be immediately notified, removing the need to contact each staff member individually. Save time and money!