A Wide Range of Attendance Tracking Solutions

Clock in/out with real-time analytics tracked in the system!

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Feature 1 :

Easy Real-Time Tracking​

Track attendance in real time right in your web portal. You can quickly react to any unscheduled absences or late arrivals.

Eliminate Manual Checking at End of Month

The attendance page clearly records the employee’s actual working hours, standard working hours, overtime, paid leave, etc. We save your time going through each Excel files.

Feature 2 :

Record each attendance error for you

The system automatically records each employee’s attendance and tracks attendance anomalies (e.g. late/early leave/absent) in real time. To provide HR/supervisors an efficiency method to take action.

Feature 3 :

Staff In-app clock-in,
We support GPS, QR Code, bluetooth*

Employee can clock in/out directly using their smartphone app without clocking in one by one. GPS, scanning dynamic QR Code from supervisor app and Bluetooth clocking in/out are provided in order to fasten clock-in process. In addition, to prevent false clock-in data.

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*The Bluetooth device only supports the Beacon provided by Workstem, please click here if you need to purchase.