Store your company's HR files on the cloud

All of your company information, all in one place. With our HRM system, you never have to go digging around old folders and archives just to retrieve critical employee information.

Explore our HR hub

Step 1 :

Basic Company Information

The basic information in the Company Settings contain registration number, bank account information, etc… for future references.​


Step 2 :

Departments & Positions

No matter how complicated your organisational structure is, you can easily manage it by adding departments & positions and assigning them to your employees.​

Cost Center and more...

Aside from departments and positions, you can also set up cost centers for more granular classification and organisation of your employees.

Step 3 :

Setting up the working location​ and Clock in/out method

Easily set up your working locations for your staff to clock in/out using GPS. Bluetooth or dynamic QR codes can also be used for scenarios demanding more flexible solutions.​

Multiple Work Locations​

What if you have staff working at multiple work locations? Don’t worry! Add all your locations in the system and easily assign your staff to a specific location (or even multiple locations).