Quick & Easy Staff Rostering

Simply apply shift templates and manage your roster quickly and easily. You can even update the roster on-the-go on your phone!

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Feature 1 :

Customise Your Shifts Flexibly

Each shift can have a different set of working hours and break times. This flexibility is purpose-built for retail and service-oriented companies that need to adjust working arrangements frequently.

Office Hour? Using shift templates without having to schedule every day

Within the shift template, set commonly used commute time rules. Enter the schedule again and simply add multiple days of the same shift to multiple employees at once by simply adding a batch new and selecting a newly set shift template.

Feature 2 :

Bulk Create Staff Shifts

Create shifts for multiple staff in bulk to save you the trouble of adding them one by one.​

Improve Efficiency​

Improve management efficiency and make the scheduling process simple, easy, and unmistakeable.

Feature 3 :

Work Seamlessly Between PC & Mobile

Need to create shifts but don’t have access to a computer here? Use our mobile app and do it on-the-go! Our powerful rostering tool has the same functionalities on the web as well as on the phone.

We create a new, simple workflow for you

The supervisor’s app is simple to operate, allowing you to work on employee transactions, anytime, anywhere, and improve management efficiency.

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