Automate MPF, After Automating Payroll.

You can finally say goodbye to the pain of sorting out the monthly contribution and generating the remittance statement.

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3 Core Benefits of Using Workstem MPF

Add new enterprise MPF scheme, register new employees, view monthly contributions, download scheme archives, each of these MPF processes can be done using the system – saving you time and headache.

Clear Dashboard Overview

All of the registered, unregistered, and exempt persons can be easily checked in the dashboard. You will never forget to set up MPF for new employees ever again!

Automated Scheme Entry

When any plan is selected for a new employee, the join date and other relevant information can be obtained right from the employee information stored in our system. You don’t have to manually enter them into the system anymore!

Supports Multiple MPF Schemes

No matter how many MPF schemes your company provide, you can easily create them in the system and set it up for your employees.

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Too many Excel files from massive amount of data and employees?

No More Excel From Now On!

The system’s built-in calculation formula is entirely in accordance with the latest MPF legislation. Don’t worry, we are always in sync with the latest government policy!

Don’t worry about calculating MPF.

Directly Linked to Payroll, MPF Contributions are Automatically Calculated!

In the pay run process, our system automatically deducts employees’ MPF contributions.

From Payroll Calculation, to MPF, then to Taxation

One System, All-in-One.


HR can readily set up fixed pay item template or add one-time pay items (e.g. travel allowance). The system supports a variety of complex settings and unlimited payroll generation within the payroll cycle.

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Taxation Reporting

The final leg of the payroll process ends with the yearly tax reporting. It’s a must-do for all companies and entails a lot of paperwork. Workstem can help you complete this final step by generating all the necessary forms (56B, 56G, 56F, 56E) to comply with local tax regulations.

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Comes from having an integrated system.

An integrated system is an efficient system. With all your human resources data under one system, you can spend less time with the manual stuff and dedicate more of your time caring for your employees.

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