No More Frustrating Tax Reporting Process!

Let our software facilitate your traditional tax reporting process. It is straightforward and really fast!

4 Core Features

Simplify daily administrative tasks, such as collecting employee data, classifying taxable items, printing tax report, etc. We help streamline your complicated tax reporting process into a more efficient one.

Comprehensive Record of All Tax Reports

For every new employee in the system, the corresponding employee information (which can be manually modified) appears automatically in the tax reporting section.

Select Income Additions/Deduction on Demand

Within each tax form, you can view the specific income name and customise the income additions and deductions for each.

Calculate Based on Tax Form Type and Periods

Select the type and period of the tax form you need to generate, and you can view the details of employee tax reports (basic information, income information, residence information, and other information) one by one.

Support Multiple Download Formats

We support three formats: EXCEL / PDF / XML. Once you’ve selected the tax form, download format, cycle, and employee, the report will be ready for download in a few minutes.

All the tax reports required by IRD can be generated by our system!

Automatic Tax Reporting is the Future.

The system automatically matches the status of the employee into the appropriate tax form! If there is anything you need to change, just manually re-run the taxation report any time.





Tax Form in Multiple Formats

Easily Export PDF or XML, Tax Reporting Can Be a Breeze

Once confirmed, employers can file tax reports with the downloaded PDF or XML documents directly. 



From Payroll Calculation, to MPF, then to Taxation

One System, All-in-One.


HR can readily set up fixed pay item template or add one-time pay items (e.g. travel allowance). The system supports a variety of complex settings and unlimited payroll generation within the payroll cycle.

Benefit (MPF)

The contribution status of each employee (registered, unregistered, suspended, or insurance exemption) can be recorded in the MPF section and then the relevant mandatory contribution amount will automatically be calculated and recorded in the current month’s pay run.

Finally, Tax Reporting is No Longer a Headache!

Each calculation is quick and accurate. Employee data is presented in its entirety and every piece of data is recorded in the system.


The system automatically matches employees to the right tax reports according to their join date and employment statuses, minimising extra work and effort.

Bulk Processes

After selecting the tax form you need, you can select multiple employees and generate the forms all at once, saving you a lot of time!


The tax forms in the system are fully complaint with the requirements from the IRD. Once generated, it can be processed electronically or sent to the IRD physically.


You can add or remove different taxable items according to your company’s specific scenarios.

Comes from having an integrated system.

An integrated system is an efficient system. With all your human resources data under one system, you can spend less time with the manual stuff and dedicate more of your time caring for your employees.