Tax Filing Software

Our IRD pre-approved tax reporting preparation software allows you to e-file the IR56B / IR56F /IR56E /IR56G /IR56M forms within minutes.

4 Core Features

Information Auto-Generated

Employee’s information (basic, income, residency, and more) can be automatically generated during the tax report filing process.

Online Submission

Workstem generates tax reports that support your online e-Tax submission, capacitating a swift and easy process.

Customized Fields

You can also customize the amount for different income fields according to your company’s situation。

Mobile App Supported

Employees can now view and save their tax forms directly any time via Workstem One mobile app.

The system also automatically generates the relevant tax form based on the staff’s employment status. Manual edits can be made if required.

All Tax Reports Supported

All the tax reports required by the IRD can be generated in our system!





Export tax forms easily with multiple formats

Tax Form in Multiple Formats

Once confirmed, employers can file tax reports with the downloaded PDF or XML documents directly. 



From Payroll Calculation, to MPF, then to Taxation

All In One Tax Filing System.


Workstem comprises a variety of complex payroll settings that are vital for your tax filing process, such as fixed pay item templates, pay items customisation etc.

Benefit (MPF)

The MPF contribution amount will be automatically calculated and recorded in the current month’s pay run, ensuring you high efficiency and precision during the tax filing process.

Comes from having an integrated system.

An integrated system is an efficient system. With all your human resources data under one system, you can spend less time with the manual stuff and dedicate more of your time caring for your employees.