Your Core People,
Our Core Product.

Our core solution is comprised of 4 components: Company, People, Roster, and Attendance. These 4 components and our 2 mobile apps work together to provide a seamless experience for HRs and employees alike.

How Can Our HR Solutions Help You?

A new way to manage your people!

Centralised Personal Files

By the time you finish looking for that 1 file in the filing cabinet, our system has already finished organising and displaying all the necessary information for you to process. Machines > humans. Let machines do the things they’re good at!

Diverse Attendance Methods

Providing only 1 kind of attendance method is definitely not enough for companies with a diverse workforce. That’s why we provide multiple ways for your employees to clock in/out!

Accurate Time-Tracking

All attendance data collected from employees are synced real time to the web dashboard – making sure you don’t miss any critical information!

Central Source of Truth

When everything is in a central location, you get to save a lot of time and effort trying to find and retrieve files. Have the peace of mind that everything is right there ready when you need them.

4 Core Features

Completely replace your traditional workflows with these 4 time-saving modules.

Company – Multiple work locations

You can set up multiple work locations supporting different attendance methods. May it be a satellite office or a pop-up store, we got your back!

Roster – Multiple Shifts in a Day

Multiple shifts in one day? Check. Overnight shifts? Check. Create shifts in bulk for multiple employees? Check. Build a shift template to be reused later on? Check!!

People – Integrate all employee information

After importing your employee list, you can ask them to help update their personal information with our quick sharing function.

Attendance – Reports made easy

Your company data belongs to you. Choose to export any kind of report for further analysis or data consolidation. We will continuously provide new reports for you to download!

Different Industries, Different Needs.
All Supported by Workstem.

Companies in different industries have different work natures, often requiring different tools. Workstem solves that problem by designing a flexible enough system that can serve both roster-based and office-based companies.

F&B, Retail, and Service Sector

Roster-Based Shifts

As HRs can atest to, multiple locations, high turnover, low employee consistency, and frequent changes are all characteristics of this industry. These traits require an HRM system that is flexible and mobile enough to allow HRs and supervisors to update working schedules on the fly.

Office Workers

Fixed Working Hours

For companies who mainly have office workers, there is a greater need for features supporting bulk actions. From bulk importing of staff profiles to creating shift templates for repeated use, Workstem can support all of these use cases!

The Right Time-Tracking Method for your Company


Customise the GPS perimeter around which your employees are allowed to clock in from 100m to 1000m.

Dynamic QR Code

Supervisor app can generate one-time dynamic QR codes that let employees clock in/out by scanning with their mobile phones.


By setting up a bluetooth beacon in the work location, your employees will automatically be clocked when they open the app and get near the device.

Mobile Apps for the Mobile Era

Utilising our Supervisor and Staff apps, you can work at 100% efficiency anywhere, anytime.

Supervisor App
Your Mobile Work Companion!

Check employee attendance, let employees scan your QR code, manage and update roster, approve leave requests, all of these can be accomplished with just the supervisor app!

Staff App
Don't Need a PC Anymore!

Check the working schedule, apply for leaves, receive important notifications – all within the staff app. No more back and forth communication over email or any messaging platform!

Designed for HR, by HR Professionals.

With a system designed by working with HR professionals, you will find a lot of features and nifty tools right at home!

Secure & Reliable

Your data is safe and sound in the system. Only you and people you assign with admin roles have access to your company’s data.

One-Click Sharing

Stop doing everything by yourself. Ask your employees to fill in their personal information by sharing a link with them.

Easy Interface

Say goodbye to hectic month-ends. With Workstem, all timesheets are automatically calculated, ready for your processing at anytime!

Clean & Efficient

We trimmed away the fluff. What you see inside is designed to help you accomplish your work as quickly as possible.

Comes from having an integrated system.

An integrated system is an efficient system. With all your human resources data under one system, you can spend less time with the manual stuff and dedicate more of your time caring for your employees.