Leave work behind,
when you're on leave.

An easy-to-use leave management system to help you manage your employees’ leaves.

A Powerful Yet Easy-to-Use Leave Management Software

You don’t have to fret about staff leave time and workflow. With Workstem, you can arrange everything smoothly.

Leave Calculation

After setting up the leave calculation rules according to your company policy, our system will automatically calculate the right amount of leave days for your staff.

Leave Application

Employees can easily apply for leaves right in their mobile apps. You can also help them manually adjust their balances to correct any inaccuracies. 

Leave Balance

Each staff’s leave balance will be clearly displayed on their mobile apps as well as the HR’s web dashboard – cutting down on back-and-forth inquiries and communications.

Less Work Hassle, More Holiday Zen.

Our system was designed to provide maximum utility while requiring the least amount of set up work from you.

Step 1

Set Up Leave Types

Depending on the needs of your company, you can have leave types of varying complexities. From simple ones like one-off company-wide holidays or complicated ones like auto-adjusting leaves based on seniority.

Step 2

Add to Leave Policies

You can have custom leave types, and you can also have custom leave policies. After setting up the leave types, add them to the leave policies that would apply to specific groups of employees. You can have an unlimited set of leave policies for all your employees.

Step 3

Give Employees the Leaves They Deserve

You can have different leave policies for different employees. From management to frontline, full-time to part-time, every teammate can get the holiday break they deserve.

Final Result

Stress-free Leave Management Becomes a Reality

3 steps. Overhaul and simplify your companies leave workflows in just 3 simple steps. Thank us later.

Not accounting, but still helping you keep track of each balance.

Each and every change will be recorded in the system – providing you with unrivalled transparency and a central source of truth.

Managing leaves anywhere, anytime.

No more clunky websites to visit or hassle emails to write just to apply and approve leaves.

Approve Leave Requests Effortlessly

Supervisors or HRs can easily check and approve leaves on their mobile apps. Everything is synced real-time with the web version.

Apply for Leaves Quickly

For any kind of leave type that you provide, your staff can just open the staff app and apply for leaves directly. No more back-and-forth emails!

Our staff app was designed to be comprehensive and easy-to-use – any  user would be able to pick it up a start using immediately.

New features to reach new heights

A complete leave management solution, to keep everything in check.


Our system fully supports Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese holidays by default and will update at the start of every year.


When all your data can be accessed in one single location, you can be certain that workflows and communication flows are efficient and less prone to errors.     


There’s an unlimited amount of leave types / policies that you can set up for your staff, ensuring that everyone is accounted for.


When you can choose to display how many decimal places or what kind of calculation base to use in a system, you know it’s going to be accurate!

Comes from having an integrated system.

An integrated system is an efficient system. With all your human resources data under one system, you can spend less time with the manual stuff and dedicate more of your time caring for your employees.