Leave Management Software

Workstem’s leave management software automates the leave request submission and approval process for managers and employees. It also helps businesses stay compliant, reduce administrative burden and costs, streamline HR processes to improve efficiency.

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A competitive and user-friendly leave management software

Take control of your leave management process today in an easier and more efficient way.

Hard to stay in leave compliance?

Stay compliant in Fair Work

Keep compliance with Fair Work regulations around employee leave entitlements, as well as managing complex award structures, part-time or casual employees, and multiple locations across different states or territories.

Leave management is too time-consuming?

Free up HR teams with automated leave management

Automate employees’ leave management, reduce the time and effort required to process and approve leave requests. This frees up HR teams and managers to focus on other important tasks.

Hard to manage employee leave entitlements?

Never lose track of leave entitlements

The leave management software is designed to cater for businesses with high turnover rates, flexible working arrangements, or complex rostering requirements. The system manages employee leave entitlements such as annual leave, personal leave, and long service leave, making it easy for businesses to keep track of their staffs' leave balances and requests.

Effortlessly manage leave together with Workstem

Our user-friendly leave management system helps businesses comply with internal and legal policies, while also making it simple to track, manage, and report on employee leave entitlements.

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Customise and built-in leave types

We have default leave types, such as annual leave, parental leave, jury duty leave, and long service leave, and allow for the creation of additional special leaves as needed.

Self-editing leave policies

In addition to complying with Fair Work's built-in leave policies, you can also create different leave types, leave policies and payroll policies to meet different employment types, positions and departments.

Manage leave requests and approval on the go

Streamline leave management with our App and Web. Employees can easily request time off, while managers can quickly approve or reject requests with comments and notes, our solution ensures for easier collaboration.

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Automated leave balance in real time sync

Auto update for each year’s public holidays, and auto calculate details on employee leave usage, balances, entitlements, as well as leave accrual including annual leave, personal leave and long service leave based on the employee's length of service and hours worked, which can be used for budgeting, planning, and compliance purposes.

Seamless integration with payroll in one smart system

Easily sync employee leave balances and pay rates to payroll, all in one smart system, for streamlined leave management and payroll processing, as well as to ensure payment of leave entitlements and tax treatment.

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All modules
are integrated on one platform

Workstem's one-stop payroll system offers a comprehensive range of HR solutions, including rostering, attendance management, leave tracking, expense claims, payroll processing, tax compliance, superannuation, and Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting. By consolidating these functions into a single platform, we streamline HR processing and reduce errors, delays, and duplication of effort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can employees see their leave balances?

Yes, employees can view their leave balances and apply for leave on the Workstem One App at any time.

How to apply for leave?

After setting the relevant leave types and policies on the Web, employees can apply for leave at any time via the App, and employer/HR can also apply on the Web or App.

Can I upload supporting documents such as a medical certificate?

Yes, you can upload attachments when you apply.

Can I export the leave balance?

Yes, Workstem supports exporting leave balance at any time, and downloading employee leave detailed reports.

How to set up the approval process? Can I set up multiple approval processes?

The Web can flexibly set the approval process, and supports the setting of multiple approval processes, multi-level approval processes, and multiple approvers at one level.

Can I view it in real-time during approval?

Yes, the approval process is updated in real-time.