Comprehensive Onboarding Software

Efficiently onboard new employees with our cloud-based onboarding software that simplifies the storage and management of vital personnel files.

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Powerful cloud database solution

Experience a new way to manage your employee onboarding, it has never been easier.

Difficult to manage a large number of employment details?

Digitalised personnel files

Save all employee information, including personal records, contracts, employment details, and more on the cloud-based employee onboarding software.

Miss employment records?

Automatic records keeping

Auto save and encrypt employment history, including work patterns, employment types, payroll policies, and paid types, eliminating the risk of missing data.

Having trouble handling the termination and rehiring process?

Termination and rehiring made easy

Auto keep profiles of terminated employees to make the rehiring process smoother. This feature is especially beneficial for businesses with high turnover rates or frequent rehiring needs.

A complete cycle of employee onboarding, terminating and rehiring

Employee onboarding system helps you onboard & terminate automatically!

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Bulk onboarding in 3 minutes

Import templates allow you to input employee profiles efficiently, and with bulk onboarding, you can onboard multiple employees in just a few minutes.

Compliant work pattern

Calculate hourly rates based on multiple work patterns to ensure compliance with minimum wage regulation.

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Automatic updates of personnel data

All personnel records are updated automatically whenever an employee has adjustments made to their total working hours, work patterns, and other payroll-related data, ensuring efficient payroll.

Simplify termination and rehiring process

Save all previous personnel data, making it easy to terminate or rehire employees with just a few clicks.

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All modules
are integrated on one platform

Workstem's one-stop payroll system offers a comprehensive range of HR solutions, including rostering, attendance management, leave tracking, expense claims, payroll processing, tax compliance, superannuation, and Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting. By consolidating these functions into a single platform, we streamline HR processing and reduce errors, delays, and duplication of effort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I export employee files for reporting?

Workstem has a one-click function to export employee data, quick and easy.

Can I authorise colleagues to help manage employee files?

Yes, set the employee as the administrator of [Personnel File].

How to access your ex employees record?

The employment data is stored on the cloud for easy re-hiring, and the system can keep employment records of terminated employees in compliance with the relevant regulations.

Can I add the employee’s certificate and CV?

Yes, you can upload unlimited attachments under employee profiles.

Can adding employee data be done in batches?

Yes, the system has form templates for supervisors to import all employee files at once.

Is it possible to view the change history of the employee’s position, salary, and other information?

Yes, supervisors can view the employment and payroll history of all employees in the [employee] module.