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Workstem is a cloud-based HR management system. We are here to assist you with your business digital transformation.

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Corporate management assistance

Workstem enhances your company management’s efficiency and stability, allowing you to export any of your data with one click. Set management authorisation according to each employee’s position, and start digitally transforming your business today.

Multiple departments and positions for you to manage?

Comprehensive management

All the departments and positions are managed under one system.

Employees have multiple working locations and fieldwork, what is the most effective attendance management?

Centralised location management

Manage all locations. Set attendance rules for headquarters and stores on demand. Clock-in/out anytime, anywhere. Manage fieldwork made easy.

What and how to grant access rights to different layers of management?

Multiple authorisation management

System can match all layers of positions and titles, ensuring complete data encryption throughout all processes.

Manage your company in the cloud

Immense cloud space for you to store your company data, and simplify your workflow to transform a complete digitalisation.

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Manage data in the cloud

Centralise information such as company name and logo, and will automatically display on the electronic payslips.

Efficient & Safe coordination

With our dashboard and user-friendly reports, you can build a clearer corporate structure.

Multi-Office corporate management

The common practice for your business to have multiple working locations, and your employees can take attendance under a single, unique system.

Accurate employee selection

You can create customised employee profiles according to their work permit, certificates, interests, and perform accurate employee selection through the cloud.

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All modules
are integrated on one platform.

Workstem is your one-stop payroll system, with functions such as rostering, attendance, leave, reimbursement, payroll, FSS and tax calculation, Workstem seamlessly handles your HR processing task faster and more conveniently under one platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to manage multiple companies with Workstem?

Workstem supports managing multiple companies under one account.

How to manage multiple stores with Workstem?

Workstem supports setting up multiple office locations under one account.

Can different employees have different access and authorisation?

The management authority of the system administrator, HR, payroll, leave, attendance, and personnel files can be set separately for different employees.