Leave Policy
6-day paid annual leave for working more than one year
Attendance Policy
15-minute lateness exemption
Payroll Policy
Pay once a week/month
Can I apply for a 4-day annual leave?
Rejected, not enough balance
Can I apply for a 2-hour OT?
Apply for MOP$300 travel expenses
Smart Rostering
Automated Attendance
E-Leave Management
Reimbursement Management
Powerful Payroll Management
Pay   run
Travel Expense
No Pay Leave Deduction
Transportation Allowance
Attendance Bonu
Overtime Pay
Auto generate
Auto push

Your payslip is ready!

Your payroll report is ready!

Your payslip is ready!

Why Workstem

Workstem is committed to helping SMEs achieve digital transformation with our cloud-based AI driven HR system. Workstem helps you focus on business efficiency and manage your payroll easier.

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Traditional VS HRMS Cloud HRMS

Say goodbye to traditional management! Workstem offers multiple modules along with payroll for administering various HR processes and streamlining the day-to-day operations.

Traditional HRMS Rostering

Manual adjustment in scheduling, logging and tracking, ad-hoc swap shifts

Cloud HRMS Rostering

Seamless bulk rostering and flexible self shifts swapping on a single platform

Traditional HRMS Attendance

Clock-in/out dishonesty causes it hard to verify data such as overtime, lateness, early leave and absence

Cloud HRMS Attendance

Multiple clock-in/out trackers give you the exact attendance data

Traditional HRMS Leave

Trouble on calculating leave balance and long approving applications

Cloud HRMS Leave

Real time leave balance and approving applications via our mobile App

Traditional HRMS Payroll

Complicated payroll policy and manual Excel data leads to longer process and unavoidable human errors

Cloud HRMS Payroll

Fulfil all common payroll policies and even your own payroll policies, then auto payroll with just one click

Our Benefits

Workstem human resources solution provides the best employee experience to improve your management efficiency.

All-in-one HRM solution

Our all-in-one human resources system has integrated 11 HR modules to help all industries easily achieve digital transformation.

Ready to use

Bulk import employee information, enjoy system pre-set attendance, leave and payroll policy, then process payrolls. Workstem is a ready-to-use product that offers fast deployment and easy server configuration.

Automatic payroll

The AI engine automatically extracts all HR data to run payroll, allowing you to generate payslips and auto-push to Apps.

AI payroll engine

Create your own pay items with our powerful built-in AI engine to automatically process your payroll.

Powerful API

With the powerful open API architecture, we seamlessly have integrated with Xero, Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, Google Sheet and more.

Pay as you go

Pay as you need, Workstem brings you the cashflow flexibility to grow your business by eliminating unnecessary upfront payments.

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