HR App

A digital era with Workstem’s HR App

HR Mobile App + Web Portal = The Perfect Combination​

Supervisors & Employees Are Synchronized

Every single change made by either party will be immediately reflected and updated in the system. By staying synchronized, the transparency and communications between supervisors and employees are strengthened.

A Mobile Office In The HR App

The 5 main HR functions (Employee Onboarding, Roster & Attendance, Leave Management, Payroll, MPF & Tax Filing) all in One HR App. Manage your employees anytime, anywhere!

Manage Leaves Under A Calendar View

You can check the types and number of leaves under a calendar view. This provides a full picture of the attendance status for each month.

Manage Your Growing Team, All In One HR App

Anywhere, anytime, Workstem.

HR Mobile App For Your Employees

Clock In & Out With 1 Tap

With our HR App, the entire process of clocking in is just one tap away. Our App have rendered punch cards obsolete!

1 Location, 4 Clock In Methods

After setting up the following office utilities, your employees can clock in via our HR App. GPS /Bluetooth/ QR Code/ Facial Recognition.

Real-Time Rostering

Employees can view their latest roster arrangement via the HR app. Edits and shift swaps can also be performed directly in the app, thus minimizing back-and-forth communication costs.

Greatly Expedite Leave / OT / Offsite Applications

Employees can apply for leaves, overtime and offsite work via our HR app. The records of these applications will be safely preserved.

Check Your Payslip With Our App

The payslip in the app will be updated every month. Employees can check their payroll, MPF status etc in the span of seconds.

Supervisors Who Uses Workstem’s App

Gain Real-Time Employee Attendance Feed

Want to see who’s on time and who’s late? Supervisors can access live updates on the attendance via the HR App.

Fast Rostering & Flexible Revision

Need to revise the roster quickly when emergencies occur? Simply open the app and make the amendments!

Leave / OT / Off Site Approvals At Your Fingertips

Via AI Enabled system, Workstem’s App allows supervisors to approve multiple applications with a simple tap.

User Benefits

Our HR App benchmarks against the best by helping you to:
•Reduce Manpower Cost
•Increase Efficiency Substantially
•Strengthen Financial Control
•Focus More On Business-Driven Activities
Want to centralize all dispersed HR duties in one app? Workstem got you covered!