MPF Administration Software

With the help of Workstem’s built-in MPF calculation formula, your MPF calculations would be highly accurate, automatic, and complied with up-to-date HK labour law regulation.

4 Key Features to Speed Up Your MPF Automation

Drastically reduce your time in managing your employee’s MPF!

A Clear Dashboard

You have a clear overview of all the registered, unregistered, and exempted employees. You will never forget to set up the MPF for new employees again!

Automated Entries

When you help employees file their MPF for the first time, all the employee’s information will be extracted from the data storage in Workstem’s MPF software, and automatically inputted accordingly.

Say Goodbye To Papers

Leverage our MPF software to put an end to your oronous paperwork and store all your employee’s data online.
Workstem is well advanced in data security, for details please click here to learn more!

MPF Reports - Easy Download

Workstem supports multiple MPF schemes (Manulife, HSBC, BOCI-Prudential Trustee Limited and Sunlife). We also support multiple formats (TXT/PDF/EXCEL).
Too many Excel files for your employee’s data?

Obviate Excel From Now On!

Link your MPF and Payroll Processes

Our system automatically precludes your employees MPF contributions from your pay runs.
Take control of your Payroll, MPF Administration, and Taxation under one system.

Workstem, All-in-One.

One System, All-in-One.


HR can readily set up fixed pay item template or add one-time pay items (e.g. travel allowance). The system supports a variety of complex settings and unlimited payroll generation within the payroll cycle.

Taxation Reporting

The final leg of the payroll process ends with the yearly tax reporting. It’s a must-do for all companies and entails a lot of paperwork. Workstem can help you complete this final step by generating all the necessary forms (56B, 56G, 56F, 56E) to comply with local tax regulations.

All Functional Modules In One

MPF calculations have a direct connection with your payroll data. However, It is burdensome to process the pay run including the calculation of their total working hours,leave days and more.

Want to centralize attendance, leave, payroll, MPF, and tax management in one go? Workstem got you covered!