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Spend less time on HR.

Streamline onboarding, rostering, attendance, payroll, and more with our simple, intuitive platform.

There are many HR systems out there,
But we're confident you won't find anything like ours.

Save your precious time taking care of your people and leave the HR headache to us.

No More Excessive HR Paperwork and Documents

HR Hub

This is our core module, helping you keep track of your employees and fulfilling all the basic HR workflows of an employee-first company.


Work-Life Balance Has Never Been More Convenient

Leave Management

Your hardworking employees deserve work-life balance. You deserve work-life balance. With our leave management software, your employees can apply for leave with ease and you can approve them right away. No more messy workflows! 


Calculating Payroll With 0 Chance of Mistakes


Payroll management is one of the things that needed to be accurate in HR work. The compensation function connects the modules for statistics, accurately, quickly and easily to help enterprises  to complete the entire process.


For HRs and SME owners, designed by HR professionals.

The perfect synergy between our web portal and mobile apps comes from a deep understanding of the HR industry. Luckily, our HR experts here works extensively with engineering to bring you these powerful features in the system.

Workstem Staff & Supervisor Apps :

Supervisor App:

HR in the Mobile Age

Out of office? No problem! With the supervisor app, you can keep track of employee’s attendance and even adjust their rosters on-the-go!

Staff App:

Work Easily

“What’s my schedule today?” “How many days of annual leave do I have left?” – All these questions can be answered by the staff mobile app! Self-service is the key to efficiency!

Why Us?

Combining deep HR expertise and topnotch engineering talent help us build this HR platform that solves HRs’ and SME owners’ biggest bottlenecks when it comes to human resource management. We are confident that this synergy will help our users grow their businesses even faster!


Time Saving





Comes from having an integrated system.

An integrated system is an efficient system. With all your human resources data under one system, you can spend less time with the manual stuff and dedicate more of your time caring for your employees.