Employee Database Management System

Transform your business digitally via our entire online employee management system. Workstem provides unlimited cloud storage to optimize your employee onboarding workflow!

Employer’s Pain Points

Overwhelming paper files

Losing employees’ records

Tiresome procedures during employee onboarding

Automate your Employee Database Management

Digitalization is the future

Onboarding Management

Based on our built-in template, employers can efficiently manage their employee database and export their files. Employers can also find clear remarks in the system if an employee missed out MPF registration.

Record Tracking

Workstem can support creating independent records for each change made in the database, such as position transfer, salary change or other staff information edits.

Smooth Rehiring

If you want to rehire someone, the system will recover the employment history data of the rehire in just one click.

Get Started in 5 Steps

A Versatile Tool For Managers and Employees To Achieve Top Efficiency

Quicker Onboarding

Our bulk import templates empower employers to set up an employee's database in a flash.


MPF Reminders

Clear remarks in the system to inform you who has or hasn't been registered for MPF


Track Updates

Filterable timeline of all employment change records, so you can track the effective date and details clearly.



Termination Simplified

Terminate your employees in just three simple steps, while automatically keeping original staff information on the cloud.


Rehire With a Click

Employers are no longer required to re-enter rehired employees, as all the information of the rehire is saved in the system and can be retrieved with one click


All Functional Modules Fully Integrated

Workstem automatically includes all attendance and leave calculations into your Payroll reports, making your payroll webbing seamless and effortless.
Want to centralize attendance, leave, payroll, benefits, and tax management in one go? Workstem got you covered!