Powerful Payroll Management System

Workstem’s powerful AI engine allows you to perform auto payroll calculations, and manage your payroll easily.

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Simplify your payroll process under One Platform

We offer you the most powerful and simplified payroll system.

Lots of manual calculation on attendance bonus, commission and other payments?

Customised pay items

With our AI engine, Workstem provides you with 40+ pre-set pay items, such as attendance bonus, commission, overtime allowance, reimbursement and more.

Frequent calculation errors on holiday pay and other entitlements?

We comply with Hong Kong regulations

Attendance and leave data is automatically extracted by our AI engine to track employees’ ADW. Our calculations comply with the Ordinance 418 and 713.

Employees’ high turnover leads to multiple final payments per month?

Everyday is a pay day

Holiday pay, unpaid annual leave, payment in lieu of notice and other daily payouts can be seamlessly managed. We consolidate relevant payroll data for MPF contributions and bank integrations.

Compliant, Accurate, Efficient

We provide real-time ADW tracking, customised pay items and automated AI engine. Our 3 in 1 solution simplifies your payroll.

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Customisable payroll policy

Customise your pay items and payroll policy with monthly, daily, hourly wages.

Automatic ADW tracking

Auto track your own ADW by simply importing the preceding 12 months wages and customising income additions.

AI engine improves payroll efficiency

Data is extracted into our powerful AI engine to calculate attendance bonus, commission and other pay items immediately.

Check your payslip in the App

We support HSBC, Bank of China, Standard Chartered, Hang Seng Bank, BEA and DBS autopay files. Employees can securely view and download the payslips from Workstem.

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All modules
are integrated on one platform.

Workstem is your one-stop payroll system, with functions such as scheduling, attendance, leave, reimbursement, payroll, MPF, and tax filing, Workstem seamlessly handles your HR processing task faster and more conveniently under one platform.

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