One-stop Automatic Payroll Calculation System

The one-stop system integrates the employee P-file, rostering, attendance and leave data to process payroll.

The AI payroll calculation engine collects data from the system and accurately calculates the payroll based on the customised rules.

Automatically generate documents of Autopay, MPF, payslips, and tax returns etc.

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  • Onboarding

  • Time & Attendance

  • Leave

  • Reimbursement

  • Payroll Calculation

  • Salary Analysis

  • System Integrations


  • Speed Onboarding
  • Digitalised Documents

The system can perform batch upload of employee data following personalised settings such as company departments, positions, clock in/out locations and attendance rules. The Cloud stores data including but not limited to the basic employee information, credentials, contracts and salary information. Changes in employee positions, departments and salaries will activate the payroll calculation engine to collect accurate data. Automatic reminders on first-time MPF contributions for new employees.

Time & Attendance

  • Timely and Intelligent Attendance Scheduling
  • Multiple Clock in/out Methods
  • Automatic Statistical Analysis of Attendance Data

The system has built-in templates for regular day, afternoon and night shifts, while also supporting customisation, which provides flexibility even when performing duties at various locations or multiple shifts, enabling users to update attendance efficiently. GPS, Bluetooth, Facial Recognition and QR code allow employees to do self-reporting and apply for changing shifts, substitution and overtime work. The system can seamlessly count attendance data of normal work, overtime work, leave application and absence. After data collection, the payroll calculation engine can automatically determine the attendance bonus and deductions for lateness and absence.


  • Self Editing Leave Policies
  • Complying with the Law in Hong Kong
  • Real-time Changes of Leave Balance

The system has built-in common leave types, including annual leave, paid and unpaid leave, and supports the complex approval process of other types of leaves. It also provides automatic updates of public holidays. Supervisors can easily apply for and approve leave through the HR mobile app, while the system will automatically adjust the leave balance accordingly. The leave-related data is directly linked to the payroll calculation engine for the automatic determines applicable annual leave, statutory leave pay, and sickness allowance, etc.


  • Customisable Expense and Approval Process
  • Enterprise Level of Customisation

The system incorporates flexible settings of reimbursement types and approval processes. Through the HR Mobile App, employees can submit applications and upload the claim receipts, whilst supervisors can approve instantly. The payroll calculation engine automatically totals the approved reimbursement forms of each employee for reporting the claim amount on their payslips.

Payroll Calculation

  • Auto Capture Payroll Data
  • In Compliance with Business Regulations
  • Auto Generate Payroll Data

The system has a built-in AI calculation engine that customises corporate pay items deploying simple Excel formulas, complying with corporate attendance, leave and salary regulations. The payroll engine automatically collects data on employee attendance and leaves to calculate the following items:

  • Attendance Bonus
  • Sales Commissions
  • Annual Leave Pay
  • Statutory Holiday Pay
  • 4/5 Sickness Allowance
  • Long Service Payment
  • Payment in lieu of Notice

Automatically generate electronic payslips and deliver them to the HR Mobile App for employees reviews. Easy export of MPF remittance statements and electronic tax filing documents such as IR56B, E, F, G, M, etc.

Salary Analysis

  • Visualisation of Salary Analysis Charts

The system helps businesses to lower the cost of HR and better budget planning by analysing the salary structure of employees in different positions and salary data.

System Integrations

  • Integration of Third-party Systems
  • Facilitate Digital Transformation

The system supports security and privacy protection utilising our API interface for business information and data exchange with banks, MPF, tax, accounting, SSO system, and Google Sheets.

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