【Webinar】How Retail & F&B to Reduce Cost and Improve Efficiency in 2023?

【Webinar】How Retail & F&B to Reduce Cost and Improve Efficiency in 2023?

Start again in the post-epidemic era! The economy will recover in 2023, the new crown pandemic has come to an end, Hong Kong is gradually reopening the border to the outside world, and there are great opportunities and challenges for retail and F&B businesses.

Qfpay, a smart payment collection system, Workstem, a one-stop cloud HR and payroll system, and CLG, a professional accounting firm, will hold a free webinar for retail and F&B industries, and will share with participants how digital transformation can help companies reduce costs and improve efficiency, as well as successful examples from existing customers to share!

  • Qfpay shared how to survive the “epidemic” situation, how the store uses technology to collect money smartly to cope with the “contactless economy”, and how to apply for loans easily.
  • Workstem shared how to reduce 90% of manual HR work through a one-stop cloud-based human resources and payroll system, and easily handle tedious tasks such as clocking in/out, rostering, leave, payroll, MPF, and tax management.
  • CLG shared how small and medium-sized enterprises can reduce management costs by more than 50% through automated systems and how to handle accounting and tax filing affairs “without manual work”.

Webinar Details:

Date: February 17, 2023 (Friday)
Time: 15:00 – 16:00
Language: Cantonese
Fee: free


15:00 – 15:05 Welcome and introduction to Qfpay, Workstem, and CLG
15:05 – 15:20 Qfpay shares product highlights and customer cases
15:20 – 15:35 Workstem shares product highlights and customer cases
15:35 – 15:50 CLG shares core business and customer evaluation after successful digital transformation
15:50 – 16:00 Q&A and exchange of opinions

Our guests:

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