Absence Management Policy

What is absence management policy?

Absence management policy, as known as sickness absence policy, refers to a set of company-wide HR strategies to reduce the unnecessary absenteeism and to make sure all team members are on the same page.

Why is absence management important?

Absence at work is costly, resulting in both the productivity and the profit lost. Even though it is inevitable for employees to miss work due to illness and injury sometimes, a good policy can reduce most of the excessive and questionable absenteeisms at the workplace effectively to help you save the money, prevent the workplace disruption and balance the remaining employees’ workload who made up the lost work.

What needs to be contained in the absence management policy?

In terms of absence management policy, it should be fair, consistent and consider other unexpected cases that may influence employees to miss work. The typical absence management always includes a series of procedures, like finding who and how to apply the leave at what time.

Plus, absence management policy also should involve a clear statement regarding the pay for missed days of work. It needs to be outlined how many leaves can the employee take before they are no longer eligible for paid time off. In occasions of the late/absence/early becoming an ongoing problem with certain employees, there should be a plan for disciplinary action.


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