Absence Management

What is absence management in HR?

Absence management is one of employer or HR’s approaches via policies, procedures or programs,to reduce employee absenteeism, avoid workforce disruption and maximise team’s overall productivity.

Why is absence management important?

With absence management, HR or employers are able to achieve a balance between supporting employees who miss the work due to the illness, industry and other unforeseen circumstances and disciplining employees’ time offs that is questionable and excessive.

Benefits of absence management in HRM

Absence management in one-stop HRM is one of the most often used functions in now companies. However, using such an approach could also address a series of headaches that come along you might not have noticed before!

Automate payroll to ensure no errors regarding absences.
Easier scheduling that helps HR/managers to find qualified replacements.
Shift bidding allows employees to share their working time wishes in advance for the better participants.


Besides that, Workstem has a number of selectable set up leave policies options that you can cater to your unique leave policy.

Through our Workstem One App, employees can check their leave balance and apply for it themselves without back and forth with managers, while managers can also check and approve applications easily on the go!