AI Engine

What is AI engine?

The one-stop human resources management system with a powerful AI engine can simplify payroll & human resources and other complicated issues. Users can customise pay items on demand, automatically calculate payroll, and pay with one click.


The key of payroll is “accuracy”. But it’s more than difficult to ensure the basic payroll information, actual working hours, leave days and other basic data is correct. Before pay out, it should be considered that whether the commissions or allowances and other variable pay items meet the payroll policies, and check whether the MPF contributions are deducted, ect. The accurate payroll is more difficult than we imagined.

Workstem has a powerful AI engine to integrate onboarding, scheduling, attendance, leave with payroll. In addition to automatically calculating and tracking employees’ ADW, MPF deduction and other pay items in compliance with the ordinance, the AI engine will automatically extract the corresponding employee data in each module for payroll. The accuracy is further guaranteed.

After payroll calculation, the employer can choose any one of HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, Bank of China, Standard Chartered, East Asia, DBS and other banks to pay with Autopay. Besides, through the Workstem One App, employees can check at any time for their payslips. The payroll management can be completed in one go.

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