Attendance Management

What is attendance management?

Attendance management is a regulation for the company to inspect and manage employee attendance, including whether they are late and leave early, whether they are absent from work and ask for leave, etc. It includes rostering management, leave management (paid annual leave management), time clocking management, overtime application management, daily attendance processing, monthly attendance summary, etc.

What is attendance?

Attendance refers to a system, which is to maintain the normal working order of the enterprise, improve the efficiency of work, and make employees consciously abide by working hours and labor discipline.

The importance of attendance management

Attendance management is an indispensable part of the company. It can not only help maintain the image of the company and improve the work efficiency of employees, but also the core basis for accurate payroll.

Benefits of attendance management

  • Supervise and promote employees to go and get off work on time to improve work efficiency;
  • Attendance management is an important means to ensure the orderly operation of enterprises;
  • It is an auxiliary tool for payroll assessment.

How to carry out effective attendance management?

Attendance management is not an easy task. Especially for companies in large scale, and the scheduling of different departments is inconsistent, so it is difficult to manage in a unified manner. There are many people on business trips, and it is difficult to implement attendance. It is difficult to manage clocking cheating, and some companies have problems such as incomplete attendance systems or difficult attendance data. Therefore, there is one way for company’s attendance management – using cloud attendance system. (Workstem)


Workstem supports GPS, Bluetooth, QR code, and face recognition to clock in/out. Different from the traditional clocking, the system will automatically capture employees’ attendance data according to attendance rules, and automatically count overtime/working hours under abnormal conditions such as lateness, early leave and absence. Relevant attendance data is reflected in the employee’s payroll after payroll calculation, without manual double calculation, so that your attendance management can rest easy.