Time Clock Machine

What is time clock machine?

A time clock machine, or punch clock, work sign-in machine, and attendance machine, is a traditional attendance record method used to record employees’ commuting time.

*When HR calculates the relevant rights and interests of employees, it is usually necessary to export the punch card records and then perform calculations.

Manual clocking is a traditional way of recording attendance. Supervisors or HR usually need to manually record the on-duty and off-duty time of the employees who are present.

What is clock in and clock out?

Clock in and out to record the time to and from getting off work.

The importance of clock in and out

  • Clocking in can have a considerable deterrent effect on those employees who are not very conscious;
  • In some labor disputes, the company can use the clock-in records as favorable evidence to protect the interests of the company.

Therefore, whether it is for the needs of management or for the company’s self-protection, punching in is necessary.

Clock in/out Methods 

At present, the company’s commonly used clocking methods include a clocking machine, fingerprint punching, face recognition, Bluetooth clock, GPS, etc.


Best-recommended! Workstem supports GPS, Bluetooth, QR code, and face recognition four punching methods, which are different from traditional manual clocking. The system will automatically judge whether the employee meets the normal attendance conditions on the day according to the existing enterprise attendance rules, and automatically count the working hours under abnormal conditions such as overtime/late arrival/early leave/absenteeism. Relevant attendance data is reflected in the employee’s payroll after participating in the salary calculation of the current month, without manual double calculation, so that your attendance management can rest easy.