Data Dictionary

What is data dictionary?

The data dictionary is a collection of information used to describe some customised data in the system. This collection lists all possible predefined data, and through simple descriptions, additional values, etc. to be mainly used for some customised drop-down options that provide data support.

Why is data dictionary important?

Different from traditional human resources management systems (software licence purchase) and most SaaS that do not open user-defined options, HR SaaS that include a data dictionary can satisfy HR or employers’ actual conditions at almost zero cost. Business scenarios having new requirements that are not provided in the system can be added now, so as to help them centralise P-file management more efficiently.

Instructions for data dictionary

When using Workstem’s data dictionary, if you need to customise the item type in “text” format, you need to first fill in the relevant name and option value in Settings > Dictionary > Details, and click Settings > Customise User Field > +New > select Text format > fill in the relevant name and formula name. After saving, you can follow up with customised fields in the employee’s P-file.

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Workstem uses Amazon cloud services, and the information security and stability of the HR system have reached a very high level.

The system has a built-in P-file template, which can create a personnel database in just a few minutes, saving time and effort. It can also fully record the employment history of each employee, including all changes in position/payroll/personal information. Workstem supports one-click employment/termination/re-employment, and will keep the information of terminated employees. When re-employing, the basic information will be automatically restored, no more manual operation.