FTE/Full Time Equivalent

What is FTE?

FTE stands for Full Time Equivalent, which also means full-time, means a single job, and no other part-time job. Full-time workers are also called full-time employees.

*Definition of full-time work: full-time work refers to a relatively long-term and stable work mode, usually using the normal commuting time to divide workdays and rest days, and work is subject to certain restrictions.

Full time equivalent can

  • Enjoy better benefits, more comprehensive MPF, paid vacation, and other benefits;
  • Get higher pay, especially for salaried positions, and work longer hours, so they make more money.

The importance of full time equivalent

A stable operating structure with full-time employees is indispensable and very important to business development.

  • Full-time employees can take on more responsibilities because they work longer hours than casual employees;
  • Increased loyalty: The perks that come with working full-time tend to increase employee engagement and dedication;
  • Establish a good corporate culture;
  • The position in the company structure is clear, and it is easier to master personnel management;
  • Employees who are employed on a permanent basis are more committed to the company and have relatively low mobility;
  • Full-time/permanent employees are more committed to their jobs and feel more attached to the company.


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