HR App

What is HR App?

HR App is a key part for HR systems, which usually includes scheduling, attendance, leave, expense claims and more functions.

Why is HR App important?

An excellent human resources system should help the company solve various kinds of HR issues, and give feedback both to the employer and employee after the completion of related tasks in a certain period of time.

On the one hand, the HR App should notify HR/supervisor/employer in a timely manner. On the other hand, it should pass the related data to employees. That is the function of using an HR App.

The benefits of HR App

As a bond between the company and its employees, HR App can enhance their communication efficiency. Besides, employees can self operate on HR App to greatly reduce the workload of HR/supervisor, getting their focus back on their business.


Workstem One App allows supervisors/HR schedule, approve leave and OT applications anywhere, anytime, and supports employees self clocking in/out, self applying leave and OT, availability reporting, shift swapping, and checking payslip/tax form.

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