HR Software

What is HR software?

HR software, HRMS(Human Resources Management System) refers to a human resource management system, which is a human resource software used to combine many necessary human resources functions, such as employee attendance, salary, vacation, tax declaration, and other transaction management. HRMS system can help simplify the management process and improve work efficiency.

The importance of HR software

Human resources management is complicated and detailed in the company department, the business process is cumbersome, and the situation of employee base growth is inconvenient to manage. In order to reduce the manual workload of these management contents, these processes can be digitized and automated through a dedicated HRMS system.

With the help of the HRMS system, large enterprises and small start-ups can increase productivity, standardize business processes, reduce labor costs, and enhance corporate self-confidence and employee loyalty.

How to choose HR software?

There is countless HR software on the market with different functions, so how to choose an HR software?

HR software recommendation

Professional HR software recommendation for you: Workstem is a one-stop cloud & HR management software, dedicated to helping companies realize the digital transformation of personnel management, improving the efficiency of corporate human resources management affairs, employment compliance, and payroll calculation accurately.

  • 5 core requirements: Covering various business needs such as employee onboarding, scheduling, and attendance, leave management, payroll calculation, MPF, and tax declaration, it is a real cloud one-stop payroll calculation & HR management software.
  • It only takes 15 minutes to start quickly: the powerful configuration management function helps you import company information with one click. A more detailed user guide and considerate customer service team will help you start a new era of efficient management.
  • More than 1500 businesses are using it. As small as a retail shop with 5 employees, as large as a listed company with more than 1,000 employees, it covers the individual needs of different companies in different industries in an all-around way.


Best-recommended: you can choose a suitable HR software. Workstem adopts the world’s most advanced Web + App technology architecture and cooperates with highly secure AWS cloud deployment to help enterprises completely bid farewell to paper documents/email/PC-style employee self-service platforms. Center’s traditional personnel management model.