What is IR56E?

IR56E refers to the notification letter filled by the employer about the start of employment of its employees. IR56E is a tax form only for new employees. The employer must submit this form to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) within 3 months of the employee’s employment.

IR56E form template

Please refer to the IR56F form in English download link.

Why is IR56E important?

In Hong Kong, different types of employees need to submit different tax returns to the Inland Revenue Department. Most people who receive income from holding positions, employment, or receiving pensions are required to pay salary tax. If an employee receives a tax return from the Inland Revenue Department, even if he/she has no income subject to salaries tax, he/she must complete the tax return and submit it to the Inland Revenue Department before the deadline. It is the obligation of both the employer and the employee. IR56E is applicable to new employees and is one of the methods used by the tax bureau to accurately calculate salary tax.

Notice of IR56E tax return

When submitting IR56E, you need to pay attention to the time node required by the IRD and pay more attention to filling in the employee’s detailed information, including personal information, passport issuance location, gender, marital status, address, area code, and the name of the main part-time employer, etc., which still need to be improved Employer information, many steps, complicated content.

New employees don’t know how to file taxes? Learn more about IR56E tax filing details.


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