Part-time Job

What is part-time meaning?

Part-time job, which means that it is opposite to the concept of a full-time job. The weekly working hours are less than full-time jobs. It is generally a job that students/housewives find outside of school or their own work.

*Definition of part-time job: Refers to employees who hold other jobs concurrently besides their own jobs. In addition to receiving the wages of their own jobs, part-timers can also receive the wages of their concurrent jobs according to the standard.

The importance of part-time job

If full-time employees cannot be recruited quickly, part-time employees can relieve the urgent need.

The benefits of part-time job

  • Recruitment is relatively easy, and employment is flexible, which can reduce employment risks to a certain extent;
  • The labor cost is low, and the salary is calculated according to the actual working hours/workload;
  • It can be used as a future manpower reserve. Part-time employees can be used as a backup for full-time employees, and part-time employees can be converted into full-time employees according to the company’s development needs.
  • More controllable costs: If the company is in urgent need of manpower during peak business seasons, it can hire qualified professionals to work part-time, and reduce the number of part-time employees after the peak season, so as to control the company’s labor costs effectively;

Part-time job can

  • Improve work-life balance;
  • Easier access to experience: Part-time employees don’t need a lot of work experience to try new jobs, and they don’t need a full-time contract to find the right company culture.

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