Statutory Holiday

What is statutory holiday?

Statutory holiday is also known as labour holiday. An employee, irrespective of his length of service, is entitled to the following statutory holidays.

  • the first day of January
  • Lunar New Year’s Day
  • the second day of Lunar New Year
  • the third day of Lunar New Year
  • Ching Ming Festival
  • Labour Day, being the first day of May
  • the Birthday of the Buddha (newly added from 2022)*
  • Tuen Ng Festival
  • Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day, being the first day of July
  • the day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Chung Yeung Festival
  • National Day, being the first day of October
  • Chinese Winter Solstice Festival or Christmas Day (at the option of the employer)

*Effective from 1 January 2022

Starting from 2024, statutory holidays will further be increased progressively to 17 days:

Year Newly added statutory holiday Number of statutory holidays
From 2024 The first weekday after Christmas Day 14
From 2026 Easter Monday 15
From 2028 Good Friday 16
From 2030 The day following Good Friday 17

*To inquire whether employees are entitled to holiday pay on statutory holidays, please refer to Are all employees entitled to statutory holidays? Are employers required to have employees take leave on the day of statutory holiday?


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