Terminate/Rehire/Personnel Change


Termination is “permanent termination of employment relationship” or “termination of labour contract relationship”.


Rehire is re-employment. In this case, the employer will re-sign the contract with the employee, maintain or adjust the salary standard and position according to the actual situation.

Personnel Change

Personnel changes involve each employee’s employment history, including all changes in position, salary, profile and more.


Workstem uses Amazon cloud services, and the information security and stability of the HR system have reached a very high level.

The system has a built-in P-file template, which can bulk create personnel databases in just a few minutes, saving time and effort; it can also fully record the employment history of each employee, including all changes in position, salary, and personal information. Besides, Workstem supports one-click employment, termination and re-employment, and keeps the information of terminated employees. When re-employing employees, the basic information will be automatically restored without manually filling.

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