HR App

Our powerful Workstem’s HR App include employee self service App that can sync and connect supervisors and employee’s data anytime, anywhere.

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Workstem’s HR App matches your needs perfectly

Real time data synchronisation to handle your daily tedious tasks.

Mispositioning with traditional clock-in/out machines?

Cover all scenarios

Four clock-in/out methods: GPS, Bluetooth, QR code and Facial recognition, cover various business scenarios with accurate positioning.

Struggle to handle unanticipated shifting promptly?

Editing shifts anytime, anywhere

Through our HR management and employee self service mobile App, supervisors can shift staffing as needed, and employees can substitute shifts by themselves during unanticipated events.

Slow process on leave, reimbursement, and overtime applications?

One-click application/approval

Workstem records all application data including overtime, leave, reimbursement, etc. and syncs the approval process instantly. Supervisors can approve within a few clicks to improve work efficiency.

All HR issues are solved here by our App!

We assist your remote work anytime, anywhere.

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HR Mobile App for Your Employees

Precise positioning in 4 methods

Our App meets a variety of scenarios regardless of multi-locations, fieldwork, home based or others.

Check your shifts in real time

All shifts are synced to employees in real time, and self shift swapping is supported during urgent situations!

Employee self service with encrypted cloud stored data

You can upload relevant documents for leave, reimbursement, overtime or fieldwork applications, with all data encrypted in our powerful cloud-based system.

Check your payslip anytime

All payslips are synced with each employee’s App for real time payslip checking immediately after each pay run.

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HR Mobile App for Supervisors

Shift staffing based on attendance

The attendance records are synced in real time, lateness, early leave, absence, staff availability and working hours tracking helps you responsively shift staffing.

Quick scheduling during emergencies

You can schedule in the HR App at any time, and quickly assign shifts for multiple employees to save your time and workload.

Bulk approval

Supervisors can bulk approve/reject and comment on different HR applications to improve work efficiency.

Authorisations and access levels

You can assign different access levels in the App, from editors, reviewers and more.

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All modules
are integrated on one platform.

Workstem is your one-stop payroll system, with functions such as scheduling, attendance, leave, reimbursement, payroll, MPF, and tax filing, Workstem seamlessly handles your HR processing task faster and more conveniently under one platform.







Frequently Asked Questions

Does the App have notifications?

Yes, Workstem supports notifications through App, Email, and Web.

Can the supervisor check in real time through the App when an employee has shift swap/shifts drop/availability reports?

Yes, the supervisor can check the schedule details at any time on the App.

Can I view the approval process in real time on the App?

Yes, the approval process is updated in real time.

Can I check employees’ attendance status on the App?

Yes, supervisors and employees can see detailed attendance status in real time.

Can employees download payslips or tax forms?

Yes, after the payroll/tax reporting is completed, they can download the payslips or tax form by themselves.

Can I use the App to schedule?

Yes, scheduling through the App at any time has no difference from that on the Web.