Do Your HR Payroll the Easy Way

Payroll, benefits, tax reporting, these critical workflows are all must-do’s for the modern day company. Let Workstem do the heavy lifting for you!

The All-in-One Payroll System for the Easiest Pay Runs

Workstem isn’t just another HR system. We’ve fully integrated all the critical payroll processes into our system – from setting pay items to generating tax reports. This will help you save hours of tedious manual work every month.

Customisable Payroll Templates

Each employee can have his/her own payroll template that can dramatically reduce the amount of repetitive work done on a monthly basis. 

Variable Pay Items

Need to set up ad hoc, one-time pay times? No problem! Whether it’s a yearly bonus or a one-time reimbursement, you can set it up quickly and have it included in that month’s payroll calculation.

Unlimited Payroll Runs

Not just unlimited pay runs, you can set up multiple pay packages for different kinds of staff for a completely customisable and flexible payroll setup.

4 Major Payroll Features

Free up your time doing payroll and dedicate that time to connecting with your staff and teammates.

Fixed Pay Items & Payroll Templates

Set up payroll templates for the recurring items every month so you only have to do it once and let it run by itself in the succeeding months – saving you time and effort!

Unlimited Pay Runs

You can also have an unlimited number of pay runs and unlimited payroll packages ongoing in the system at the same time.

Variable Pay Items

Set up one-time variable pay items for those ad hoc situations and let Workstem include them in the monthly pay run.

Advanced Payroll Settings

Which pay items should be included in MPF and taxation calculations and which ones shouldn’t? These can be set up down to the specific pay item level.

How Can Workstem's Flexible Payroll System Help?

You will have complete control over the entire payroll process, no matter how complicated or simple you want it to be. Workstem’s goal is to provide the tools and system to help you accomplish more while doing less work.

Full Time + Part Time Staff

Unlimited Pay Runs

Workstem supports unlimited and custom pay runs, so when you need to do pay runs for full-time and part-time employees separately, you can do so without at anytime.

Office Workers

Automatically Calculate Leaves and Other Recurring Items

Office staff who have leave entitlements and other compensation and benefits can be tracked and inputted into the system to eliminate the use of paper confirmation and excel calculations.

F&B and Retail Employees

Attendance Data Straight to Payroll Reports

Full-time staff with monthly pay checks are easy to handle payroll for. What about hourly rate part-timers? Workstem can help you automatically calculate the correct payroll amount based on the staff’s attendance records and other pay items.

MPF & Taxation: Next Step of the Payroll Process

Workstem HR system complies with the local labor rules and regulations providing SMEs the peace of mind to focus on growing their businesses.

Benefits (MPF)

A critical part of the payroll process is insurance. In Hong Kong, the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) is mandated by law and expected to be followed by all employers regardless of the company size. We’ve also integrated the complicated MPF workflow into our payroll system to provide a truly end-to-end HR solution.

Taxation Reporting

The final leg of the payroll process ends with the yearly tax reporting. It’s a must-do for all companies and entails a lot of paperwork. Workstem can help you complete this final step by generating all the necessary forms (56B, 56G, 56F, 56E) to comply with local tax regulations.

Smarter Payroll, Smarter HR Process

Our payroll system was developed under the guidance of payroll professionals ensuring maximum compliance and guaranteed ease-of-use.

Accurate Calculation

Minimise human error by trusting machines and algorithms to do the heavy calculations. 

Flexible Setup

Do payroll in your company’s own unique way with our flexible set up that supports multiple types of pay packages.

Detailed Breakdown

Set how granular you want your pay items and payslips to be displayed to your staff and stakeholders.

All-in-One System

Try Workstem’s truly end-to-end solution to see how much time you can save by letting machine’s do most of the work.

Comes from having an integrated system.

An integrated system is an efficient system. With all your human resources data under one system, you can spend less time with the manual stuff and dedicate more of your time caring for your employees.

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