Payroll System

With automated payroll calculations, our AI Enabled payroll system can make your payroll processes seamless and effortless

The Most User-Friendly & Accurate Payroll System

Workstem gives users accurate, quick and easy access to numerous payroll duties, such as:
• Average Daily Wage Tracking
• Leave Pay & Deduction Auto Calculation
• Basic Salary Auto Calculation (Pro – Rata)
• MPF Calculation

Data & Payroll Automation

Workstem automatically synchronizes all the employee’s data, and calculates the payroll for every employee, irrespective of their types of salary. The employees can also view their payslips on the Workstem Mobile App.

Customize Your Own Pay Items

Our payroll system allows you to customize your  payroll items, such as allowances, deductions, or reimbursements. The system also supports multiple pay runs per month as well.

An AI Enabled Payroll System

With AI technology, we pride ourselves as one of the most user-friendly payroll software in Hong Kong. Moreover, our AI enabled formula engine enables the auto-calculation of complicated items such as commission, attendance bonus and more. Set up your payroll system with just a few clicks!

Complete Your Payroll In 6 Simple Steps With Workstem

Our payroll software will always comply with the Hong Kong Employment Ordinance

Customize Your Payroll Settings

You can customize your own default payroll settings with Workstem, which allows you to perform multiple pay runs each month easily.


Add New Items For Your Payroll Process

We have an extensive library of items for you to include in your payroll process, such as basic salaries, commission, allowance and more!


Pay Run

Workstem can automatically collect your employee's data (leave, salary, attendance), and calculate itemised payslip in a matter of seconds.



Verify Results

Double check your employee's information and other details before issuing the payment.


Generate Bank Autopay File

Workstem can generate autopay reports that support batch salary payment in one click

. We can support generate autopay reports that match the file requirement of multiple banks


Epayslip Received

Workstem App provides employees with quick access of payroll data and e-payslip at anywhere anytime. Time saved from messy emails for HR.


MPF & Taxation: Next Step of the Payroll Process​

Workstem HR system complies with the local labor rules and regulations providing SMEs the peace of mind to focus on growing their businesses.


HR can readily set up fixed pay item template or add one-time pay items (e.g. travel allowance). The system supports a variety of complex settings and unlimited payroll generation within the payroll cycle.

Benefit (MPF)

The contribution status of each employee (registered, unregistered, suspended, or insurance exemption) can be recorded in the MPF section and then the relevant mandatory contribution amount will automatically be calculated and recorded in the current month’s pay run.

User Benefits

Our payroll  system offers a diverse range of benefits:

 ▪ Reduce Manpower Cost

 ▪Increase Efficiency Substantially 

 ▪Strengthen Financial Control 

▪Allow You To Focus More On Business-Driven Activities

Want to centralize all dispersed payroll duties in one system? Workstem got you covered!