Attendance Management System

What is attendance management system?

Attendance management system refers to an organisation’s approach to tracking employee time and attendance information.

An accurate attendance management system helps you to save time and effort in calculating your employees’ working hours. A concise and automated attendance management process will also help you to reduce administrative work, maintain accurate attendance records, and eliminate process bottlenecks.

What are the importances of attendance management system?

Every organisation needs to track how their employees spend their time, especially for those who work with clients or offer services at an hourly/daily rate. Having an effective management system is necessary not only to bill clients properly, but also to reduce the time HR or supervisors spend on the administrative or attendance activities.

Here are some core features about the attendance management system you may want to know as you determine which one is right for your organisation.

Clocking in and out capability

Traditional manual time cards can be inefficient and lead to a series of problems like inaccuracy and timesheets tampering. Instead, a reliable attendance management system makes it a lot easier for employees to keep track of their check-in time once they arrive and note down their check-out time when they leave by only tapping one button, helping them to stay on top of their time and responsibilities.

Attendance tracking

As employers, you will never want the scheduling nightmares and let headcount shortage become a common thing. Now with the attendance management system, you will no longer have to slave over Excel-based rosters when you are planing the schedule. When some unforsession things happen, you can also find the eligible replacement easily by shift swapping in the ease!

Leave management

Another crucial index to determine one solid attendance management system is whether it is built to allow employees always staying with their up-to-date leave balance and allow them request time offs anywhere and anytime, saving tons of time for managers and the HR from being frequently asked by employees.

Payroll integration

It is never easy to import the attendance data and calculate the relevant salary for your employees one by one manually. In this case, your attendance management system should be quickly and easily integrated with your payroll software to the information of leave, attendance and salary worked in calculating the pay. (or the system itself can synchronise all the employee’s data which is much better!)


A great attendance management system will give you 100 percent visibility of employees’ working hours, eliminate miss clocks and streamline the time tracking process.

Via the cloud based one-shop HRM system, businesses can eliminate the data redundancy, reduce manual errors and save both of your employees, managers’ time. Plus, Workstem can also track employees’ working hours while integrating with other functions seamlessly for higher efficiency in your HR work.

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