Blended Workforce

What is blended workforce?

A blended workforce consists of a variety of employees on different types of contracts such as full time employees, part time employees, temporary employees, contract employees, internship employees, freelancers and etc.

Blended workforce advantages and disadvantages

The blended workforce model introduces diversity in the workforces and provides both pros and cons for employers. For pros it includes:

  • Being able to quickly scale up or downsize the workforce
  • Staying flexible in response to the work demand
  • Making job positions competitive and differentiating for job seekers
  • Saving money from not necessarily offering all employees benefits

On the other hand, managing the blended workforce brings its own challenges and complexities. Ultimately, it is up to the manager to determine the pros and flexibility overweight its costs. Some of the drawbacks include:

  • Turnover, as contractors, part-timers, freelancers and other related non-traditional employees are less committed to your team by default and received less benefits and support in contrast to full-time employees, which will lead to higher rate of turnover and less possibility to innovate.
  • Organising workforce data. A blended workforce requires additional layers of HR support in dealing with the legal differences between employee types.

How can employers better engage a blended workforce?

Businesses are becoming more flexible than ever in the past few years due to the covid. For better management and ensuring all your team members are engaged in the work, whether remote or in office, full-time or part-time, here are some tips that may be helpful for you.

  • Onboarding or training all employees on your value and culture.
  • Communicate with your team on a regular basis, get their feedback and improve on it.
  • Create a competitive reward system that all your employees are able to benefit from.


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