Employee Voluntary Contributions

What is employee voluntary contributions?

According to the guidelines of the Labor Bureau, employees can choose to make additional voluntary contributions to the MPF through their employers in the contribution account in addition to the mandatory contributions.

The importance of employee voluntary contributions

Against the background of the times, voluntary contributions by employees have become the general trend.

From the perspective of social background, Hong Kong is gradually becoming an aging society, and the average life expectancy of people is increasing. Therefore, life after retirement should be planned in advance. In addition, the increase in prices in Hong Kong has led to an increase in the inflation rate. Naturally, the more savings, the more worry-free. The MPF can help wage earners maintain their living standards after retirement.

From a personal point of view, employees’ voluntary contributions are also a reasonable way to manage assets. Wage earners must have enough savings to enjoy retirement.

Benefits of employee voluntary contributions

For simple wage earners, it may not be possible to achieve a worry-free retirement by relying solely on mandatory contributions to the MPF. Therefore, it is a more flexible and wise choice to make voluntary contributions to employees. Funds can increase personal retirement savings and improve retirement protection. MPF voluntary contributions can provide Hong Kong residents with more choices, greater financial management space, and a healthier financial situation when they retire. It is believed that more MPF account holders will make voluntary contributions in future payment options.

How do employees make voluntary contributions?

In addition to mandatory contributions, there are currently three types of voluntary contributions in the MPF scheme. Employees can choose to make additional voluntary contributions through the following methods:

Make voluntary contributions to the contribution account of the existing employer’s MPF scheme;

  • Participate in an MPF scheme with tax-deductible voluntary contributions;
  • Participate in an MPF scheme with special voluntary contributions.
  • Although they are both additional contributions under the MPF system, they differ in details such as account opening, contribution arrangements, withdrawal conditions and tax incentives.

For employees, if the employer makes additional voluntary contributions in the contribution account, or is restricted by the terms of the plan if they want to withdraw or transfer the MPF, they need to deal with it after leaving the company.


The contribution period is around the corner, how to make contributions to the MPF scheme for different types, different ages, and new employees at the same time?

Through the Workstem Mandatory Provident Fund function module, the system marks the omissions of the MPF plan registration according to the employee’s entry time, closely following the employment regulations, and at the same time, the monthly contribution amount of both employers and employers is included in the salary calculation process;

When backing up information related to insurance benefits, you can also check the complete and detailed employee contribution records in the system, and realize the MPF reports of Manulife MPF, HSBC MPF, BOC MPF, Sunlife MPF and AIA MPF companies with one touch export.

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