What is eTAX?

eTAX is the gateway to the Inland Revenue Department’s electronic services. It offers an easy, secure and environment-friendly means to facilitate your compliance with the tax law.

Why is eTAX important?

eTAX provides a series of personalised online tax services to the public. You can check your tax status, handle tax matters and contact the tax office anytime, anywhere. By introducing the eTAX digital platform, the tax collection process will be simpler and more convenient.

Benefits of using eTAX

  • Convenient and efficient

eTAX is available online and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. Instead of going back and forth to submit tax forms, employers can simply log in and complete the steps required to file their tax returns, saving time and effort.

  • Strict security

eTAX operates on a platform with tight security measures and strict security standards, which procedures to prevent unauthorised access to the system and ensure data confidentiality.

  • Easy to meet tax obligations

eTAX will remind you of the obligation when tax returns are filed and tax payment deadlines are approaching. You can also check if you have any outstanding tax returns or outstanding tax payments to ensure that your tax information is accurate and complete so that you can handle your tax matters more efficiently and accurately.

  • Environmentally friendly

Instead of paper form, receiving tax-related forms, notices, documents, etc. in electronic record form is in line with environmental principles.

What services does eTAX provide?

eTAX provides 4 series of services, including individual, property, business and payment, containing:

  • Salaries Tax, Property Tax for solely owned properties
  • Tax Computation for Salaries Tax and Personal Assessment
  • Filing of Tax Return – Individuals
  • Filing of Profits Tax Return
  • Stamping
  • Application of Business Registration
  • Stamp Duty Computation (Share Transfer)
  • Filing of Employer’s Return / Notification

More services, please refer to: GovHK


Good introduction: Workstem one-stop cloud calculation & human resources management platform includes a complete tax reporting function, not only helping you record employee join dates, salary data, salary history records, MPF contribution records, etc., but also supporting customised income addition/deduction, and putting it under different taxation items. When the tax filing season comes, Workstem will help you generate and export all employees’ tax return XML documents with one click, and upload them to the eTax easily, allowing you to get through tax season with ease!

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