eTAX Guide Chapter I – How to Register an Account

eTAX Guide Chapter I – How to Register an Account

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  1. What is eTAX?
  2. What are the benefits of using eTAX?
  3. How to use eTAX?
  4. Workstem can help you file taxes efficiently

No matter what kind of business you are holding, you need to file tax returns for employees. Since different types of employees need to fill out different tax returns, the annual tax season has become a headache for employers with the complexity of tax accounts and the tedious filing process. workstem always receives a variety of tax filing questions during tax season, including questions about the eTAX.

This article will lead you to unlock the process of using eTAX.

What is eTAX?

ETAX is a new concept in providing online tax services. By simply log-in your eTAX account, you can enjoy a range of personalised online tax services. For example, you are able to check your tax status, handle tax matters and contact the IRD anytime, anywhere. Also, the tax process will be easier and more convenient with eTAX digital platform.

What are the benefits of using eTAX?

In the past, employers used paper forms to file tax returns for their employees. After filling forms, they had to stamp the postage and arrange time to mail them, or submit them to the IRD in person. There might be a variety of problems, like incorrect tax forms filled, a waste of time on the way back and forth, easy loss of the paper tax forms, easy leak of the employee’s privacy, forgetfulness of the tax payment period, and penalties incurred, etc,.

With eTAX, you can help employers to complete the tax filing process sooner and submit the forms in a more efficient way. Following please find the main benefits of using eTAX:

  • Convenient and efficient
    ETAX is available online and can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Instead of going back and forth to submit tax forms, employers can simply log in and complete the required process, saving time and effort.
  • Strictly secure
    ETAX is a platform with tight security measures and strict security standards, the procedures prevent unauthorised access to the system and ensure data confidentiality.
  • Highly accurate
    ETAX will remind you of the related responsibilities when tax returns are filed and tax payment deadlines are approaching. You can also check if there are any pending returns or pending payments to ensure that your tax information is accurate and completed. It assists you to handle your tax matters more efficiently and accurately.
  • Environmentally friendly
    Instead of managing by paper forms, receiving tax-related forms, notices and documents by electronic forms comply with the environmental protection principle.

In conclusion, eTAX is a convenient and practical platform that provides taxpayers an efficient and fast way to manage their tax returns electronically. Using eTAX not only saves time, but also improves the tax calculation efficiency per annual filing season.

How to use eTAX?

First Time Login Guide

The eTAX online platform procedure is easy and fast. At the first time, you need to register an account and log in with your Taxpayer Identification Number and the eTax password/access code for verification.

1.Register an account on the eTAX

etax platform

etax password

2. Complete the registration process

etax register

3. Read the terms

etax terms1

etax terms2

4.Create your own TIN(Taxpayer Identification Number) and password

etax TIN

5. Set up account profile

account profile1

account profile2

account profile3

6.Confirm the information

etax confirm information

7. Acknowledgement

etax acknowledgement

After this, you are officially logged in to the eTAX platform and can start filing your tax returns!

For more information, please refer to:

Read More: E-Tax Process Explanation

Workstem can help you file taxes efficiently

Workstem is a one-stop cloud-based payroll & HR management system with a powerful online tax filing system, which have been verified and audited the IR56B, F, E, G, M forms by the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department. With Workstem, you can upload the tax forms to the eTAX platform directly to enjoy the electronic tax filing service.

Workstem helps you automate your tax without calculation on manpowers or fill out tax documents on paper. We can not only submit the generated electronic tax forms to the eTAX directly, but also forward them to the mobile App automatically, so that employees can easily check their tax records and download tax forms anytime and anywhere.

Different calcualtion methods are supported

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