Human Resource Management

What is human resource management?

HMR means the management issues for completing the tasks of staff or personnel aspects in management work, the work of which includes work analysis, labour demand plans, employee training and skills development, payroll and benefits management, performance assessment, labour relations management, etc. More and more attention has been paid to human resource management.

The importance of human resource management

  • Human resource management can inspire employee’s potential power, and help them grow;
  • Human resource management becomes the centre issue of modern company management. It can boost the competitiveness of the company efficiently, and become a lubricant of company operation.

Thus, an appropriate human resource strategy is meaningful for companies to maintain the sustainable competitive advantage.

The benefits of human resource management

In the development of modern companies, even the collectivization of companies, human resource is more important than before. The worldwide competition is ultimately the talent competition. Correct human resource management is able to help companies as follows:

  • Improve employees’ satisfaction of company, and reduce brain drain;
  • Promote the overall management strategy of company;
  • Meet the development requirements of the company.


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