What is IR56F?

IR56F is the “notification to be completed by the employer regarding the employee’s termination of employment”, which is applicable when the employee leaves the company.

What is IR56F form?

IR56F form is also known as “Notice by Employer of Cessation of Employment of Employee”. It is applicable to any employee who will leave the company. Hong Kong employers need to submit this form to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) one month before the employee’s contract termination date.

Source: Inland Revenue Department

What information should be filled in the IR56F form?

  • Basic personal information;
  • Date and reason of resignation;
  • All income from April 1 of the latest tax year to the date of retirement. (Excludes severance payment and long service payment under the Employment Ordinance; does not deduct employee contributions such as MPF).

IR56B form template

Please refer to the IR56F form in English download link.

Notice of IR56F tax return

  • The employer must complete an IR56F form and submit it to the IRD within 1 month before the employee ceases to be employed;
  • If the employee receives additional remuneration after leaving the company, the employer may submit the “additional” IR56F form to declare the amount of the additional remuneration;
  • If the employer has already completed the IR56F form for the employee, there is no need to complete IR56B form for the same salary income.


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